Current Movie: Christmas Vacation – Dec. 20

  • 450 A Street in Idaho Falls
  • Thurs., Dec. 20, 2018 at 7:30PM
  • Needs 50 tickets to tip!
Bummer! You just missed this movie! Tickets are still available at the Colonial Theatre box office.
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Let’s start by ripping off the bandaid: unfortunately, the screening of Christmas Vacation on December 20 at the Colonial Theater is cancelled. We’re terribly sorry to disappoint folks who were looking forward to a visit from cousin Eddie!

We hope you can join us for It’s a Wonderful Life, instead (on the same date and time that Vacation was planned for)!

Just head to this page and tell us if you’d like tickets to It’s a Wonderful Life, or a refund (log in first, so we know who you are).

Here’s what happened…

We are (as all theaters are) required to secure permission to show any movie we screen from whichever studio that owns the title. We began securing that permission as we always do back in October, and all was going well.

Right around Thanksgiving, the company that owns the rights to Vacation required theaters nationwide to re-apply for permissions to its older titles. We don’t know why, but we’ve talked with several theaters in the region, and they received the same news. We’re not the only ones affected.

So, we re-applied for the license, but because we’re so small, we fall to the bottom of the stack. We simply haven’t heard back from the studio, and so we don’t have permission to show Christmas Vacation. It’s a bummer, but it happens from time to time. Movie licensing is sometimes an antiquated, clumsy process; this is one of those times.

What we DO have is permission to show It’s a Wonderful Life, the second place finisher in the December vote (because THAT studio is super snappy)!

So again, just tell us what you’d like to do by checking a quick box on our site (be sure to log in first, so we know who you are). We’ll get your a refund, or tickets to It’s a Wonderful Life.

No matter what you choose, we want to wish you a Merry Christmas, and say thank you for supporting CCM and the Colonial Theater!

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Built by C.A. Spath, cashier of the Farmers and Merchants Bank; Dr. C.M. Cline, physician and S.K. Mittry, contractor: the Colonial Theater opened on November 10, 1919, at a cost of just over $175,000. It boasted one of the largest stages in the Intermountain West, a modern ramp (in lieu of stairs) to the balcony, a ventilation system, which circulated fresh air every five minutes and superb a... Read More.

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  • Clark show us how to properly decorate a house
  • Eddie saves Christmas!

Fine Print:

Unfortunately, National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation has been cancelled.

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