Is PayPal my only payment option?

For the time being, payments are handled through PayPal. However, you can still pay with a credit card without having to sign up for a PayPal account. Just checkout as a guest on the PayPal payment page.

Soon, we’ll enable on-site payment processing, so you won’t be taken to an offsite page to complete your payment.

“Where are my tickets?”

If the movie has tipped, they’re in your account.

If the show just now tipped, give it a couple hours. We send out notices in batches, so your tickets may not be the first to activate upon tip.

If they’re not in your account, then it’s likely that the movie hasn’t hit its tipping point yet. Tickets aren’t issued and payments aren’t collected until a threshold of tickets have been sold (i.e., the tipping point). That threshold is normally 100 tickets. Once that 100th ticket sells, you’ll receive an email telling that your tickets are ready. Take a look at the counter on the movie’s page. If the movie is not to its tipping point, your tickets haven’t been issued yet. If the movie doesn’t reach that 100-ticket mark (which is pretty rare), we won’t collect your payment, issue a ticket, or show the movie. We’ll try again next month.

If the movie has tipped but you’re still not seeing your tickets, then send us a note through the Contact page. We’ll chase them down for you.

“My cart keeps emptying out! I can’t check out! My cart won’t update!”

Let me ask this: are you checking the box next to your cart items when you get to the checkout page?  If you are, that’s the “remove from cart” box.  If you check that, your cart will empty and you’ll be left with an empty cart. You DO NOT want to check that box.

I can’t register an account. Ugh!

Chances are, you already have an account with us from a show you caught with us in the past. That’s why you can’t create a new account using the same information. Try resetting your password to get access to your existing account again.

“Are there assigned seats?”

Nope, it’s all open seating. Doors open an hour before the show.