What’s a “classic” movie?

Glad you asked!

Colonial Classic Movies takes a wide stance on the definition of “classic.”   A movie is a classic it if has impacted our culture or community.  So, Casablanca is clearly a classic, right?

Well, so is Top Gun.

Who hasn’t cried at least once when Goose dies?  Who hasn’t uttered the phrase, “I am dangerous, Ice……..Man!”?  Who doesn’t either swoon or wretch at the superfluous beach volleyball game?  Top Gun is a classic, though it’s not on AFI’s Top 100.

If it’s memorable, it’s a classic.  If it’s nostalgic, it’s a classic.  If we’ve seen it 10 times, it’s a classic.  If it makes us laugh, cry, cheer, or quote, it’s a classic.

Tell us your favorite classic movies.